“In the midst of starting a new company, there are always a multitude of activities, responsibilities, pressures and pleasures to deal with. Perhaps the hardest thing to accomplish is to stop and focus on exactly what the company is and what it can be.

You ‘forced’ me to do that at a very critical time when my company was just entering the embryonic stage. At that point, it was difficult to justify the time and money required for the process. Now, only a year later, I can look back and see that the work you did was a strategic and excellent investment.

In the rough-and-tumble economy we face each day, it’s comforting to have a solid foundation of focused planning to rely on. My new company is indebted to you for providing that foundation.”

Randy Gantenbein
Gantenbein Partnerships

“Ever since your initial involvement with THEincorporated, our young company has enjoyed explosive growth and notoriety.

Your expertise and your involvement have continually exceeded the normal business association’s and have been a constant source of great inspiration to me and my employees. This expertise and talent have allowed our company to secure important contracts with major companies and it has kept us one step ahead of the competition.

Our positive, professional public image is directly attributable to your efforts. I value your opinions as well as your friendship.”

Pete Egoscue
CEO, THEincorporated

(health + fitness)
“As colleagues view my new ‘look,’ some of the comments I’m hearing are ‘Who did this? It’s so you!’ ‘Incredible new business identity.’ ‘Wow! Your new promotional materials are the most effective I have seen in a long time.’

All I can say is that one encounters the likes of you only on a few rare occasions in a lifetime.”

Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz
(health care + education)
“The success we now realize in having a company which emulates strength and quality is directly related to your image design, the business plan, the brochures, the directories and the internal materials you developed and created for FDH.

‘Catalyst’ truly defines your spirit both professionally and personally. You are a professional I respect and have become a friend I admire.”

Jeannie Harrington, COO, FDH
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