“I just wanted to let you know how glad we are to have chosen you to design and develop our new image. In addition to your professionalism and expertise in image-making in general, we continue to be impressed with the ‘extra mile’ you always go in understanding the technical aspects of our business (and the elements unique to software development and marketing) and the effort you invest in helping us accomplish our goals.

We have received many compliments on our ‘new look’, and look forward to your ongoing input and advice.”

Julia Walsall
Vice President, Datalynx

“To say that you are a Catalyst is an understatement...

You have an extraordinary mind that is capable of quickly grasping the most complex projects and envisioning how to present the essence of these concepts in very clear, concise and powerful ways.

Using your architectural background, you now apply all of those skills to the realm of ideas; from the arts to the most complex scientific programs, you are quickly able to grasp the main points and present them in a cogent fashion; you have equal verbal and design skills which is rare; you work ethics is from a prior period of time when the client’s needs were foremost and deadlines were things to be honored—and if you say something will be done by a certain time, it will be done; you are honest to a fault and in an age where integrity has lost its meaning, you restore it to its former esteemed position.

Needless to say, I am a fan of yours, and it is a delight to work with you.”

Cathy Conheim
Therapist, Author

(health care + education)
“Your ability to take our raw material, add your thoughtful input and mold these varied elements into a creative, concise and persuasive document has, without doubt, enhanced our efforts. It presented San Diego State University in a first-class manner.

We received numerous compliments on the booklet from university presidents, atlethic directors and community leaders.

I was impressed with your ability to tackle (excuse the football metaphor) a subject area that, by your own admission, was relatively unfamiliar to you and yet grasp all key elements to draft a cogent business plan for a CEO-level target group.

I’m especially grateful for your enthusiasm and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ on this complex project under tight deadline pressures.”

Rick Bay
Director of Athletics, Aztecs
San Diego State University

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